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mHealth Assessment and Planning for Scale Toolkit

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The mHealth Assessment and Planning for Scale (MAPS) Toolkit is a comprehensive self-assessment and planning guide designed to improve the capacity of projects to pursue strategies that increase their potential for scaling up and achieving long-term sustainability. MAPS is designed specifically for project managers and project teams who are already deploying an mHealth product, and who are aiming to increase the scale of impact. External parties seeking to understand the maturity and value of mHealth projects may also find value in using the Toolkit jointly with projects. 

The Toolkit covers six major areas (referred to as the “axes of scale”) that influence the scaling up of mHealth: Groundwork, Partnerships, Financial health, Technology & architecture, Operations, and Monitoring & evaluation. The axes of scale reflect the key concerns, activities and decisions that relate to these six areas. 

MAPS allows users to assess where projects stand in relation to each of the axes of scale, and to track progress as activities evolve and progress. The Toolkit will help project teams to identify areas that require further attention, and then to devise strategies to overcome any challenges or obstacles to progress. MAPS is designed to be used periodically at several time points throughout a project’s trajectory, guiding projects through an iterative process of thorough assessment, careful planning and targeted improvements. These steps facilitate successful scaling up of mHealth products.

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Mapping HIS Competencies, University of Queensland

This working paper is centred on human resources, in particular the general health workforce in low- to middle-income countries.  We attempt to define and map out the specific health information system related knowledge, skills and abilities (referred to as 'competencies') that personnel require at various levels of the health system.

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AHIMA Global Information Competencies Curricula

AHIMA’s global curricula initiative supports the use of best practices to ensure that as digital information continues to be exchanged both nationally and internationally the appropriate foundational concepts and methods to support these processes are in place. The inextricable link between academic and workforce competencies is also recognized by this global initiative, which brings together leaders in the academic and workforce realms from the global health information communities to guide the development of these foundational curricula.

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Data analysis and report writing workshop


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