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Developing global curriculum

As HIS Units in the region look to expand and strengthen their core services, capacity building has emerged as a key issue.  While there are a number of short courses and workshops available, there is limited formal recognition or accreditation for participants at these courses.  A key activity for WPRO over the next six months is to work with partners and academia to try and address this gap, and provide a more systematic and structured approach to capacity building for health information staff.  One of the first steps is for workers to identify their skills and interests, which leads to the question, what type of health information professional are you?? 

(Source: AHIMA 2015, Global Academic Curricula Competencies for Health Information Professionals)



Mapping HIS Competencies, University of Queensland

This working paper is centred on human resources, in particular the general health workforce in low- to middle-income countries.  We attempt to define and map out the specific health information system related knowledge, skills and abilities (referred to as 'competencies') that personnel require at various levels of the health system.

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AHIMA Global Information Competencies Curricula

AHIMA’s global curricula initiative supports the use of best practices to ensure that as digital information continues to be exchanged both nationally and internationally the appropriate foundational concepts and methods to support these processes are in place. The inextricable link between academic and workforce competencies is also recognized by this global initiative, which brings together leaders in the academic and workforce realms from the global health information communities to guide the development of these foundational curricula.

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Data analysis and report writing workshop


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